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active angel investors in the USA in 2020
in total angel investments
entrepreneurial ventures receiving angel funding
( Source: Jeffrey E. Sohl, PhD, Center for Venture Research, University of New Hampshire )
Hundreds of thousands of new startups each year
How to find the right investors and opportunities for you?


Monetryx: a fully integrated cloud environment where startups connect with potential investors to form mutually beneficial relationships. Discover, connect, manage the process, interact, and transact. Monetryx provides the tools and empowers you to take control of the fundraising process with confidence and transparency, increase the probability of success, and save time and money at every step along the way.

The Solution


The Road Ahead Investors and founders take different routes to arrive at the same destination: the place where their talents, experience, resources and vision come together to create a partnership and turn an idea into a business. The Road Ahead is a simple guide for owners of what to expect at different stages of the development of their startup. Monetryx is here to help with guidance, tools and resources along the way.


The Journey
For Entrepreneurs
  • Exposure to investors
  • Hub for investor outreach
  • Access to other platform members
  • News center
  • Run Board meetings
  • Create and offer investment securities
  • Ownership management
  • Issue stock grants and stock options
  • Data Room resources
  • Control access and monitor activity
For Investors
  • Access to unique deal flow
  • Tools to manage the deal flow
  • Create watch lists and monitor developments
  • Portfolio management tools
  • Scenario analysis
  • Organize into clubs or syndicates
  • Join Board of Directors or Advisory Boards
  • Design securities to transact on Monetryx
  • Integrated communication tools
For Organizations
  • Configure an application process
  • Review and vote on applications
  • Handle enrollment-related activities
  • Cohort and membership management
  • Calendar and communications center
  • Download reports
  • Run board meetings
  • Controlled access to cohort company data
  • Data room and file sharing