For Individual Providers of Capital or Expertise

Monetryx provides technology solutions for individuals and entities focused on entrepreneurship. Whether you are a startup, an angel investor, an incubator, accelerator, fund, or a professional organization, we have the tools to help you run your workflows better on our platform. Monetryx is also a unique community where all users share interest in entrepreneurship, so everyone is a potential partner to everyone else and has the option to become discoverable and search for, interact, and transact with others.

Monetryx for Investors

Are you an accredited investor looking for new investment opportunities?

Deal Flow

Monetryx provides a superior alternative to angel investor clubs and forums by offering accredited investors a unique deal flow with no gatekeepers between them and the startups on the platform. Direct access results in more control and a more cost-effective solution. Monetryx helps investors manage the deal flow by using sophisticated tools that save time and allows them to focus only on what is relevant to them. Investors can perform searches, create Watch Lists, use AI to discover and flag new opportunities, keep notes, set reminders, and tag companies.


Monetryx lets members decide when to go on their own and when to be a part of a team. They can do all the work and invest directly, or reach out and connect with other investors, join groups and clubs, pool resources by sharing research and due diligence responsibilities and join or create investment vehicles.

Are you a professional looking for opportunities to advise or mentor startups?

Monetryx allows individuals to have an active role in the success of early-stage companies by becoming mentors, advisors or directors for startups that need their skills and experience. We offer a structured process of presenting one’s professional credentials and flagging their interest in various roles, as well as executing sophisticated searches and contacting companies of interest directly.