For Entrepreneurs
  • Exposure to investors
  • Hub for investor outreach
  • Access to other platform members
  • News center
  • Run Board meetings
  • Create and offer investment securities
  • Ownership management
  • Issue stock grants and stock options
  • Data Room resources
  • Control access and monitor activity
For Investors
  • Access to unique deal flow
  • Tools to manage the deal flow
  • Create watch lists and monitor developments
  • Portfolio management tools
  • Scenario analysis
  • Organize into clubs or syndicates
  • Join Board of Directors or Advisory Boards
  • Design securities to transact on Monetryx
  • Integrated communication tools
For Organizations
Solutions for Core Processes
  • Handle enrollment-related activities
  • Access to a Data room with file sharing
  • Reduce Time Wasted on Paperwork
  • Automate Workflows
  • Cohort and membership management
  • Improve Efficiency and Save Money
  • Integrate Linked Processes
  • One Platform Replaces Unrelated Apps
  • Standard and Custom Reporting
  • Program Resource Portal