Monetryx provides technology solutions for the entrepreneurial ecosystem

Our cloud-based platform is designed and built exclusively for individuals and entities involved in entrepreneurship. Whether you are a founder, angel investor, startup advisor, or a part of an incubator, accelerator, fund, university innovation center, professional organization, service provider specializing in early-stage companies, we offer solutions that are aligned with your workflows.

The clients of Monetryx are the building blocks of a unique entrepreneurship community where each user is a potential partner to everyone else on the platform.

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  • Hassle-free application and enrollment process for Incubators and Accelerators
  • Centralized portfolio company data center for Investment Funds
  • Reporting Solutions for Organizations
  • Membership management and communications
  • Organize and manage mentors and advisors
  • Provide controlled access to program resources
  • A place to present their business venture for founders
  • A community of potential capital and knowledge partners
  • Manage investor outreach processes for entrepreneurs
  • A source of deal flow for investors
  • Single source of truth for portfolio company data