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Steps after completing the Company Wizard

  1. Continue your work and create a more impactful Extended Profile by using the Business Profile interface. You can launch it from the main menu (Company -> Company Profile -> Business Profile) or using the Quick Links in the Home Screen Dashboard (Business Profile).
  2. You can download a PDF format version of your Extended Profile to send as an attachment or print. To do that, click on the PDF icon in the upper right corner of the Extended Profile section.
  3. To reach out to contacts outside of the Monetryx platform, you will need to create a Public Profile. Your Public Profile contains much of the same information you entered to create your other profiles but will give you additional options to configure according to your preferences. Your Public Profile can be sent as a link or shared using social media. For an example of a Public Profile, please click here. To start working on your Public Profile, use the Company -> Company Profile -> Public Profile interface or the Dashboard in Home Screen.
  4. To prepare for more advanced discussions with investors, the Monetryx team strongly recommends starting to work on the Business Model Canvas (BMC). This section will require a more in-depth analysis, serious market research, and a thoughtful approach. When done correctly, it will not only significantly improve your chances of receiving funding; in our opinion, it will likely help you be more successful in your business. To go to the BMC, please go through the main menu (Company -> Company Profile -> Business Model Canvas) or use the direct link in the Home Screen Dashboard if available.